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Go to signature maker online and get hand drawn or font-based free electronic signature to add in your document.

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Go artistic. Use your mouse or trackpad to make an online electronic signature.

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Too many choices. Type name & choose font that best matches your personality.

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Electronic signatures of successful business people

Draw and type your electronic signature online and find who’s your closest match.

steve jobs electronic signature
Steve Jobs
jeff bezos electronic signature
Jeff Bezos
bill gates electronic signature
Bill Gates
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Mark Zuckerberg


Common questions around Electronic Signatures Online

With a signature maker, you can create an online signature to sign digital documents. You can customize your signature to make it unique, and download it to use for future signatures.

Not at all. Any signature generated on this page through our signature maker is not kept on our servers. We will not save a record of your (or your company’s) signature (or document) or distribute it with others.

eSignatures are legal in a variety of industries and countries. Online signature generators create them, but they work the same as regular signatures on paper. You can use eSignatures in court or for other legal processes. Learn more about eSignatures here.

Yes, you can. Your signature will be legally binding if you sign as many papers as required. You may use your downloaded signature to sign your own files or documents that others ask you to sign. Sign any sort of paper, including contracts, forms, proposals, Word documents, PDFs, and more with our signature maker. It’s easier than ever to add a signature to any sort of document.

Creating an eSignature is easy–it’s simply creating your signature electronically. You can use this in lieu of a handwritten signature on paper and it has the same legal weight. Not to mention, you can sign documents from businesses all over the world without wasting any paper! All you need to do is use a signature generator to create your electronic signature.

You can keep a digital record of your documents if you use signature maker software like Signaturely, which automates document management and eliminates the need for paper records. If you use our tool, you don’t even have to send signature requests through your email client (such as Gmail or Outlook). This can all be done within a tool like Electronic Signature Online.

If you don’t yet have a distinctive signature, start by determining what you want it to communicate and freeing your imagination. If you already have an established signature and are signing a physical document, it’s critical that your signature remain the same as your ID and other vital documents. When signing paper documents, it also makes sense for your signature to look like your name.

A scanner or a smartphone scanner app may be used to convert your handwritten signature into an image. Begin by scanning your signature on a clean piece of paper. You may improve the signature’s sharpness and clarity by increasing brightness and contrast. The background will be white instead of gray, making the sign more apparent.

You may add signature fields to digital documents in order to create a virtual signature. These areas allow your document to capture a digital signature, usually including pertinent information (such as the date and device), as well as restricting it from being altered.

Creating your electronic signature is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Signaturely’s free Online Signature Maker.
  2. Select between typing or drawing your signature.
  3. Customize your font, lines, and colors.
  4. Save your signature for future use.

You may convert your handwritten signature into an image by scanning it. You may also use solutions like ELECTRONICSIGNATURE.ONLINE, which is available for free, to create a digital signature. There, you can design or input a digital signature and customize it to your liking.

A signature is an individualized and remarkable way to record someone’s consensus to a contract, letter, or other documents. Even though signatures usually look like the person’s name, they can be any mark or sign—as long as there’s evidence that the signature belongs to the signer.